ESES Courses Offered in Fall 2019  
  Course Course Title
  ESE 200 Earth Systems
  GEOG 379 Intro to GIS Systems
Earth's Biosphere & Ecology GEOL 143 History of Life
  IB 100 Biological Sciences
  IB 105 Environmental Biology
  IB 150 Organismal & Evolutionary Biol
  MCB 150 Molec & Cellular Basis of Life
Earth's Physical System, Resources & Hazards ATMS 100 Introduction to Meteorology
  ATMS 120 Severe and Hazardous Weather
  ATMS 201 General Meteorology
  GEOG 103 Earth's Physical Systems
  GEOL 100 Planet Earth
  GEOL 107 Physical Geology
  GEOL 117 The Oceans
  GEOL 118 Natural Disasters
Environment & the Human Response ACE 210 Environmental Economics
  ACE 251 The World Food Economy
  SOC 160 Global Ineq and Social Change
Sustainability, Policy, & Global Change ANTH 278 Climate Change & Civilization
  ATMS 140 Climate and Global Change
  GEOL 208 History of the Earth System
  LA 250 Environmental Site Analysis
  NPRE 201 Energy Systems
  PS 224 Politics of the National Parks
  PS 225 Environmental Politics &Policy
  SOC 270 Global Demography
Earth's Biosphere & Ecology IB 452 Ecosystem Ecology
  NRES 348 Fish and Wildlife Ecology
  NRES 419 Env and Plant Ecosystems
Earth's Physical System, Resources & Hazards ABE 436 Renewable Energy Systems
  CEE 330 Environmental Engineering
  ENSU/ATMS 323 Air Pollution to Global Change
  ESE/GEOL 401 Geomorphology
  ESE/GEOL 470 Introduction to Hydrogeology
  GEOG 408 Humans and River Systems
    Watershed Analysis
  GEOG/NRES 401 Watershed Hydrology
  GEOL 460 Geochemistry
Environment & the Human Response NRES 428 Valuing Nature
  AGCM 430 Comm in Env Social Movements
  ENSU/ATMS 322 Soc Impacts Weather & Climate
  ESE 360 Environmental Writing
  ESE 477 Advanced Environmental Writing
  GEOG 408 Humans and River Systems
  GEOG 495 Advanced Topics in Geography
Sustainability, Policy, and Global Change ACE 406 Environmental Law
  ACE 411 Environment and Development
  CPSC 415 Bioenergy Crops
  TSM 311 Humanity in the Food Web
  UP 405 Watershed Ecology and Planning
  UP 456 Sustainable Planning Workshop
Visualizing the Earth System ATMS 305 Computing and Data Analysis
  ESE/ATMS 421 Earth Systems Modeling
  GEOG 412 Geospatial Tech & Society
  GEOG 477 Introduction to Remote Sensing
  NRES 454 GIS in Natural Resource Mgmt
  UP 418 GIS for Planners