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David Wojtowicz

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3081 Natural History Building
1301 W. Green St. Urbana
M/C 103
Coordinator of IT and Research


David has been overseeing the operation of the Department’s numerous computer systems and network since 1996. This is a really easy job because these computers never have any problems and always work …or at least they do in his dreams. In reality, he tries to handle the “making them work part” so the researchers here can avoid that and focus on their science as accomplished through the computers. Sometimes he is successful. Though he’s the resident computer geek, David does have a BS in Meteorology from UNC-Asheville, so he might know what you’re talking about when you say something like “vorticity”. His primary meteorology interest is in real-time synoptic scale stuff. He tries to keep up on what the climatologists are doing, but the time scale is a little large for his attention span, being slightly ADD. Before taking on this job he worked at NCSA for several years writing visualization software. He’s been involved in various web projects while working here.


  • B.S. Meteorology, University of North Carolina at Asheville