an image of a coral ecosystem

The discipline of geobiology encompasses a range of topics from extremophiles, archea, and coral (geomicrobiology) to dinosaurs and the study of evolution (paleobiology). Prof. Bruce Fouke, the Director of the Roy J. Carver Biotech Center, investigates bicarbonate mineralization process important for coral reefs and travertine hot springs.  Coral reefs host 25% of fish species in the ocean and provide an estimated $6 billion net worth to our economy via fishing, travel and other industries.  Yet corals are highly susceptible to warming oceans and pollution and several species of coral are in danger of extinction. To learn more about Prof. Fouke's work, see his faculty profile or enroll in his online course: the Emergence of Life, free to the public.  See the faculty list for more information on this vast research area.