Stephanie Meyers (2015)

Stephanie Meyers

Throughout her undergraduate career, Stephanie had the opportunity to work alongside several PhD students, aiding them in their fieldwork and research, where she gained tremendous experience in problem solving and hands-on scientific research. She also spent a summer as an intern at Argonne National Laboratory where she studied the ecological impacts of renewable energy. Shortly after graduating in May of 2015, Stephanie landed in Dallas, Texas, working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. She is the newest member of the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) team for the region, where she reviews documents regarding future projects and provides suggestions on methods to minimize negative environmental impacts. She loves the flexibility of EPA and enjoys gaining experience within other teams as well. She also currently plays a role in conducting stormwater related inspections, allowing her to travel within the region, and is able to participate in research in order to solve environmental issues the region faces.