Noble Gas Laboratory

Department of Geology 
3081 Natural History Bldg. 
1301 W Green St. 
Urbana, IL 61801 

Phone: (217) 244-5256 

The noble gas laboratory houses a custom-built Santa Cruz Laser Microfurnace noble gas extraction, purification, and measurement line. This instrument supports the research group of Dr. William Guenthner in the Department of Geology, and is primarily designed to extract He gas from minerals and measure its abundance.  




UI (incl. UIS and UIC)

Non-UI Users

Zircon Samples  (MI, pre-prepped)



Apatite Samples  (MI, pre-prepped)



Zircon Samples  (MI, raw separate)



Apatite Samples (MI, raw separate)



Zircon Samples (visitors/in-house)



Apatite Samples (visitors/in-house)