Image of a gecko scaling the inside of a paper lamp.EARTH, SOCIETY & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY MINOR

The Earth, Society & Environment minor is perfect for people who want a flexible minor that addresses the sustainability of Earth's ecosystems, societies, and economies. The ESES minor is extremely flexible and designed to cater to all students at the University of Illinois, independent of their major or college. The open choice of classes allows students to examine sustainability from whatever perspective they wish - from the humanities to the technical. All of the courses required for the ESES minor may be applied toward the ESES major, should you decide to go further in your endeavor to learn more about sustainability and the environment.


3 - 4

Introductory Earth's Physical Systems, Resources, and Hazards Course (see list)

3 - 4

Introductory "Environment and the Human Response" or "Sustainability, Policy, and Global Change" Course (see lists)


ESE 200: Earth Systems

9 - 12

Three Advanced Courses from the approved list, at least two of which are from the ESE or ENSU rubric.


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