Do you need to travel?  If so, prior approval is required, and the Business Affairs Office can help you make airline, lodging, and car rental reservations, as well as help with conference registrations.  Many of these arrangements can be made on a University T-Card (travel credit card) or P-Card (purchasing card) so you can avoid prepaying these costs from your pocket for later reimbursement.


According to University policy, “Unit heads or their delegates are responsible to approve travel and verify the unit has funds available. University Payables reviews and approves all travel expenses.”

“Employees are personally responsible for ensuring that their travel arrangements meet travel regulations and that their claims for reimbursement are accurate. Improper or inadequately supported travel claims cannot be paid until the correct documentation is submitted.”

In order to comply with University policy, ensure proper funding and supporting documentation, SESE has implemented a process for travel.

1. The online SESE Travel Pre-Approval Form must be completed prior to any travel and before making any travel arrangements. The SESE Business Affairs staff will not make any travel arrangements or process reimbursements unless this form has been submitted and approved.

2. Travelers that have been issued a T-Card must also complete the “SESE Travel Pre-Approval Form” before making their own travel arrangements. Itineraries and receipts for T-Card purchased airfare or lodging must be submitted to the Business Affairs Office within 2 days so the charges can be reconciled according to T-Card policies.

Upon completion of travel, a reimbursement request should be submitted within 2 weeks of travel in order to ensure that it can be processed well in advance of the 60 day deadline to avoid potential taxation. 

The SESE Travel Reimbursement Form should be completed and submitted along with original itemized receipts, itineraries, and backup showing conference information (name, dates, hotels, registration, etc.) if applicable.  This form will be matched with a copy of the “Travel Pre-Approval Form”, which will provide the additional backup needed to complete the reimbursement.


Fill out the Arranged Travel Form below that is associated with the correct SESE department for assistance with booking flights, ground transportation, and lodging.
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