The SESE business office’s grants and contracts team supports the research of the SESE faculty throughout the entire lifecycle of externally sponsored projects, from proposal submission to award closeout.  Please see below for more information about how we can help.


Grant Proposals/Resubmissions/Renewals

To submit a new proposal please complete this proposal form:

All proposals will likely need to be reviewed by our Sponsored Programs Administration Office.  SPA requires 4 business days prior to the submission deadline.

The business office can assist by providing internal budget models, templates for justifications, and provides reviews of all documents prior to submission. We can also coordinate with other units on campus for development support.

Departmental Budget Templates

excel template for ATMS

excel template for ESEC

excel template for GGIS

Other services the grants team can assist with:

  • Award executions
  • Other support documents
  • Current and Pending documents
  • Material transfer agreements
  • Technical Testing agreements

Other campus resources:

Sponsored Programs Administration 

University of Illinois myResearch Portal 

University of Illinois Disclosure Reporting 

University of Illinois FCOI Checklist 


If you have questions regarding the process after a successful grant is awarded, contact the grants team at [new email to arrive soon!]. Financial Statements are distributed monthly after the monthly period close. Please contact the grants team with any questions regarding the expenditures on your research projects.

Other post-award services the grants team can assist with:

  • Anticipation account set up
  • Budget revisions
  • No-cost extension requests
  • Effort changes
  • Cost transfers, labor redistributions
  • Expenditure projections
  • Sub-award set up
  • Biennial expenditure confirmations
  • Annual progress report support
  • Final review and award closeout